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Slot Games

Wanted Dead or a Wild

Chase the thrill in ‘Wanted Dead or a Wild,’ an action-packed slot game! Unleash wild symbols, capture bounties, and spin your way to rewards. Experience the Wild West like never before!

Honey Rush 100

Dive into the sweet excitement of ‘Honey Rush 100,’ a buzzing slot game! Spin the reels and let the honey flow as you chase big wins in this hive of thrilling spins and delightful surprises.

Golden Ticket 2

Step into the enchanting world of ‘Golden Ticket 2,’ where every spin is a ticket to excitement! Unveil dazzling symbols, unlock thrilling features, and experience the golden thrill of winning big.

Gemix 2

Dive into the dazzling world of ‘Gemix 2,’ a gem-packed slot adventure! Match colorful gems, trigger exciting features, and watch your wins sparkle. Experience the thrill of the next-level gem-matching excitement!

Super Golf Drive

Tee off with excitement in ‘Super Golf Drive,’ the ultimate slot game for golf enthusiasts! Swing into action, score big with thrilling symbols, and experience a hole-in-one adventure on the reels!

Pandora’s Box of Evil

Unlock the mysteries in ‘Pandora’s Box of Evil’ slot game! Spin the reels to reveal dark enchantments, daring features, and the thrill of tempting fate. Enter the realm of excitement now!


casino de montreal

Blockchain Games


Dive into the decentralized universe with ‘VORTEX,’ a blockchain game where every move counts! Explore a world of unique challenges, earn crypto rewards, and experience the future of gaming.

Magic Keno

Experience the enchantment of blockchain gaming with ‘Magic Keno’! Immerse yourself in a world of luck and strategy, where blockchain technology ensures fairness and transparency. Play, win, and discover the magic!

Slap It

Dive into the blockchain excitement of ‘Slap It’! Engage in strategic battles, where every move is recorded securely on the blockchain. Experience the thrill of decentralized gaming like never before!

Save the Princess

Embark on a blockchain quest in ‘Save the Princess’! Explore a decentralized realm, solve puzzles, and secure your victories on the blockchain. Join the adventure where every move matters!

Deep Rush

Dive into the depths of blockchain gaming with ‘Deep Rush’! Uncover treasures, conquer challenges, and experience the decentralized thrill where your achievements are securely recorded on the blockchain.


Enter the world of blockchain adventure with ‘Neko’! Explore a decentralized realm filled with feline fun, strategic challenges, and blockchain transparency. Unleash the power of the blockchain Meow!